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You may have lots of questions when you need to consider tuxedo rentals. Hearing all the ads on the radio, t.v., and internet  you may find it difficult to understand why there are so many different options out there. While  customers help a business make money there is one thing many businesses forget, their main goal should be making their customers become long term clients. At Ducky's we have long been helping brides and grooms, young men, and families find the look they wanted for the men who need to look their best. Today we still value your word of mouth , as you are our best advertisement. 

  Now as you begin shopping, please be aware of the " gimmicks" you may come upon...they have multiplied! Break it down as you shop and review.  " Free, Free, Free" sounds good... but think, after all the free stuff how much did the formal wear or suits actually cost? And did you feel that you looked your best at your event?  Ducky's still offers free grooms tuxedo rental with wedding party of 6 or more, the free invitations and we can match the same $50.00 Off each person in the wedding or even the 10% Off the Fathers and /or Ringbearer tuxedo rentals. but what is really the difference, you ask?  Lets review some of these differences and help make your choice more clear.


The price of Tuxedos vary, here is why – Most tuxedo shops must truck the rentals in.  When the cost of each item will be added together not only can it save you money but it does not cost that much more for a bow tie or a long tie, most are delivered as a group. But doing a replacement or replacing items that were wrong with the order is timely and expensive.  that is why many tux suppliers do not require trying on the rental, hoping that you get home and are ok with the rental if it is little long, short, tight, big etc. At Ducky's we request everyone to please try on their garments before leaving so we are sending out each person with a rental that reflects the product we will be happy to know made our client look their best. Any corrections are done on the spot, from in-stock items. As for the discounted "$50.00 off "each tuxedo... if you have your prices at one price, then quote the same price to everyone (using the "$50 Off" each rental) is it really $50.00 off? We will match our competitor's prices after they give you a complete price. In most cases we have the better price without doing a gimmicky discount price..

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